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Sister Grinch 2
The tears that fell turned to ice quite fast. With the spirit of the Grinch, she set out to make sure Christmas didn’t last.
Ashley heard the six words that no one wants to hear; not today, not tomorrow and most certainly not the week before Christmas. Those words? I love you, but it’s over. Hardening her heart, Ashley decided that instead of being nice this holiday season, she would be naughty. And she’s a mean one!


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Sister Grinch Booklet
Is designed to help you keep track of all your Christmas needs, you have a Naughty or Nice list and more inside to keep you from turning into a Sister Grinch!



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A Family of Secrets

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Renee is marrying her high school sweetheart Malik, who she had to literally fight to get. Even though they have been together for years; both of them and their families have secrets.

Renee is trying to keep it together after learning of her family’s betrayal; her payback can be deadly because she doesn’t handle disloyalty well.

Malik is trying his best to stay alive and keep all his secrets hidden. Will he learn that some secrets should never be kept and how lies can get you killed?





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All I Want for Christmas 

“Sister Grinch”

Sister Grinch,” is about a woman who is set on making everyone’s Christmas miserable…



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Turning Trials into Triumphs

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“Daddy’s Girl”

Vivian had issues with her biological father Isaac. Vivian was raised by her younger brother’s father Jameson since the age of two. Jameson loved, cared for and nurtured Vivian until he passed away in 2004; that’s when Isaac decided he wanted to come back into her life. Throughout this story you will see how Vivian dealt with the anger, hurt and betrayal she felt toward Isaac.
In the end, she comes to the realization on who her Daddy really is and how it’s shaped her into the woman she has become.



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The Ex Chronicles

“Online Secrets”

Tiffany and Wade Gentry have been married for over 20 years.  Their youngest daughter has just left for college leaving the house too quiet for Tiffany’s taste.  Wade is a senior partner at his law firm, so he spends most of his time at work.  Tiffany is starting to feel neglected and yearning for attention from her husband but Wade is just not interested.  What will Tiffany do when she finds out about http:/



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